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Software for Gym, Fitness studio or Health club management

  1. What do we provide you with?
  2. How this works?
  3. How to become our dealer?

How to become Fitness manager dealer?

By selling Fitness manager you can earn commision of 15-25%.

The only condition to become Fitness Manager dealer is to make one purchase for the full price or find a customer who will purchase at least one copy of Fitness Manager for the full price.

After that, to become fitness manager dealer, you can contact us on

How it all works?

When you become our dealer we create special account for you and send you a link of a web page where you can buy Fitness Manager with discount prices.  There you can make a purchase, enter customers FM ID and get the serial number for registering the product which you then send to your customer.

What do we provide you with?

We provide you with quality product and technical information.

We offer fitness manager in several languages but if there is no translation in your language, you can be the first to translate it and offer it in your country which will make your offer more exclusive. You can translate fitness manager even if the translation already exists and make translation more fitable for your customers.

To be able to offer fitness manager as our dealer, you don't have to translate it. You can offer it just as it is.

Translating fitness manager is easy. You can translate it with our Language editor which can be downloaded here FMLangEditor. After translation you will export and send us language file and we will create setup for you which can be hosted on your site or on our servers (in that case we will create a download link for you which you will send your customers).