Access FM reports online using browser from your PC, mobile or tablet


FM Web reports is new product in Fitness Manager familly. It is a web application that allows you to view all Fitness Manager reports over Internet using a browser on your PC, mobile phone or tablet.

Why you need it

Since Fitness Manager is desktop application it's reports can be seen only through Fitness Manager application and only in your local network. To see Fitness Manager reports over the Internet you need FM WEB Reports application.

How it works

FM WEB Reports is a web application that should be installed on the same computer as Fitness Manager application. This way it can connect to the same database and create reports from the same data as Fitness Manager application. It requres IIS web server which is free and can easily be installed on Win 7,8 or 10. Also you need to have control over the firewall in your Fitness club because of port 80 forwarding.

To see the reports first you need to login using the username and password you had set in Fitness Manager application. After that you can access all reports that exist in Fitness Manager application using your web browser. You can see the demo in video above.


How can you access it

To access it you need simply to visit FM WEB REPORTS application web address.  This web address has the following form:


If you want to access it over Internet we suggest to get static IP address in your Fitness club. This is not necessary but if you have a dynamic IP address  you will need to check frequently if the IP address has changed in order to access the application

Installation and price

The installation needs to be done by our technical support. This includes installing IIS web server on your system and settting and configuring FM WEB reports application.

The total price which includes setting web reports application is 150EUR.

To order it contact us on